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10 Men

10 Men

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In this witty and endearing novel about a woman's mission to discover what will make her truly happy, we meet ten extraordinarily different men. Among them are the Virgin, who has charm but can't spell 'experience,' the Lord, whose stiff upper lip makes for a stiff upper life, and the Billionaire, a walking bankroll with a bankrupt heart. So when the Actor has been dumped, the Lawyer's BMW consolation prize sold, and the Schoolmaster left behind, there's only so much she can give to the Lover, who's out of her head when he's out of her bed, Mr. Cerebral, a late-night brilliant idea always gone by morning, or the Director, who can't say 'cut' to his own wife. Alexandra Gray's Ten Men is an intelligent, funny, and touching journey across several continents during which our worldly-wise protagonist realizes that not one of these men has made her feel complete. But first she coasts on a life of travel, adventure, and, of course, sexual (if not financial) independence. And only then, after her sizzling tour through nine men, does she come to see that on this road to fulfillment the first person she must learn to satisfy is herself.

Book Details

Author Alexandra Gray
Publication Year 2005
Publisher Atlantic Monthly Press
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780871138910
Number of Pages 256
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