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2002 Romantic Ideas

2002 Romantic Ideas

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In the tradition of 2002 Things to Do on a Date, 2002 Ways to Say 'I Love You', and 2002 Ways to Find, Attract, and Keep a Mate, Cyndi Haynes and Dale Edwards offer 2002 new romantic ideas that are perfect for every relationship.From exciting ideas for dates to romantic gestures you'll never forget, from creating intimate moments to silly signs of love, 2002 Romantic Ideas is filled with thousands of unique and ingenious new ideas for wooing the one you love.- Tuck a love note into his suitcase when he goes on a business trip.- Throw an un-birthday party- Be the first to jump out of bed to make the coffee in the morning- Read her favorite book

Book Details

Author Cyndi Haynes; Dale Edwards
Publication Year 1998
Publisher Adams Media
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781558508194
Number of Pages 148
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