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2010 Take Back America: A Battle Plan

2010 Take Back America: A Battle Plan

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Casting your vote in the november 2010 election may be the single most important thing you do all year.Because these elections Will be the critical turning point for america's future.They're our chance to take back america.We stand at the crossroads of ideals and policies: freedom versus socialism; sovereignty versus international subservience; economic liberty versus debt slavery; quality medical care versus government-sponsored euthanasia; and private property versus confiscatory taxation.All this depends on the answer to one question: Will Obama maintain his control of Congress?To prepare us for this battle, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have written 2010: Take Back America, their most important book yet. In Fleeced, they warned of the dangers of an Obama administration. In Catastrophe, they predicted his campaign to promote a socialist economy. And now, in this book, they offer a battle plan to take back America.Morris and McGann explain the stakes -- permanent unemployment, rampaging inflation, international control of our economy, collapse of our manufacturing industry, European-style taxation levels, and a nation without quality medical care at any price.They point out the targets -- the incumbent Democrats who are most vulnerable. They identify the races we must win and offer ammunition to do so. They examine the records of Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln, Arlen Specter, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Barbara Boxer -- the key incumbent targets for 2010. And they tell you all the secrets these incumbents hope you won't find out.They outline a strategy for victory -- explaining the pitfalls and walking us through a path to winning control of Congress.And then they tell us what we can do as individuals to defeat Obama -- how to go beyond the traditional work of donating, local campaigning, and voting, and build our own electronic precincts to get people engaged and spread the word between now and Election Day. Today politics is no longer a spectator sport; Morris and McGann explain how to get off the bleachers and get out on the field, using everything from e-mail to blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to get the message out.The battle is coming. 2010: Take Back America is the basic training manual you need to win.

Book Details

Author Dick Morris
Publication Year 2010
Publisher HarperCollins
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780061988448
Number of Pages 368
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