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250 Ways To Make America Better

250 Ways To Make America Better

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Destined to incite controversy and conversation from the White House to your own house, the 250 best insights on improving our country--from the editors of George magazine 250 Ways to Make America Better is a selection of essays, cartoons, thoughts, and poems from an all-star cast of Americans. From Ice T to Isaac Stern, Joan Rivers to Rob Reiner, Stephen Ambrose to Mo Vaughn, 250 writers, humorists, entertainers, educators, executives, and, yes, even politicians all say how they would make America better. Radio commentator David Brudnoy maintains that politicians should be forced to be celibate for their entire terms of office; rap titan Sean 'Puffy' Combs stresses the importance of the presence of God in American life; cartoonist Roz Chast draws a triptych suggesting we should blow up all the shopping malls, send a certain outspoken conservative into outer space, and bring back chocolate-flavored Life Savers. The political voices in the book run the gamut from William F. Buckley, Jr., to Senator John McCain, from Dr. Joycelyn Elders to Dick Armey. Part inspiration, part information, this book is a fascinating, humorous, and revealing look at the endless possibilities for im proving life in America.

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Author George Magazine Editors; Carolyn Mackler
Publication Year 1999
Publisher Villard
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780375750120
Number of Pages 352
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