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5-Day Miracle Diet

5-Day Miracle Diet

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Do you knowthat low-fat yogurt, bagels, oranges, bananas, and pasta can make you fat? Do you knowthat swearing off the chocolate you love can make you put on pounds? Do you knowthat you don't need willpower to diet?  What youdo  need is a program that is medically safe, nutritionally sound, and promises astonishing results by taking away your urge to overeat.  It'sThe 5-Day Miracle Diet. When East Coast CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, actors, socialites, and famous sports figures need to lose weight, chances are their doctors refer them to Adele Puhn.  She has helpedthousands  of men and women in the past eighteen years.  Her lucky clients not only lose weight more easily than they ever dreamed possible, but they keep the weight off forever.  The reason for their success is Adele Puhn's revolutionary eating program, which is based on cutting-edge biochemical research and years of experience. Seventy-five percent ofThe 5-Day Miracle Dietis biochemistry.  Glucose is the fuel your body needs to keep going, but when unbalanced eating drops blood glucose levels below a certain point, your body responds with an uncontrollable food craving--usually for a carbo-laden, sugary treat like chocolate, ice cream, cookies, even alcohol--that will give your body an instant hit.  The problem is that the overdose of glucose starts insulin flowing so profusely that the rug is pulled out from under you.  You are left in a state of low blood sugar with a need to eatmore. With Adele Puhn's program, you will learn to eat certain foods at certain timesto regulate your blood sugar and keep it stable all day long .  When you're in 'good blood sugar,' your cravings disappear--a process that takes just five days!  And not only will you lose your cravings, you'll steadily melt away pounds while feeling more energized, mentally focused, and healthier than ever before. The other twenty-five percent of her program tackles thefathead  mentality that most of us share: the emotional reasons that make us overeat.  Adele Puhn gives you powerful strategies for fighting thefathead's  sabotaging ways, whether you overeat in response to your feelings, family issues, or old habits that are hard to let go. So toss our your food pyramids, low-fat cookies, and carbo-packed meals.  And throw away words likewillpower, motivation , andurges .  Adele Puhn's program works with your body, not against it, to bring you fabulous results--the weight loss you've always wanted, easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Book Details

Author Adele Puhn
Publication Year 1996
Publisher Ballantine Books
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780345402813
Number of Pages 252
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