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7 Solutions For Burned-Out Parents (Home Counts)

7 Solutions For Burned-Out Parents (Home Counts)

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Twenty-first-century moms and dads, even more than their predecessors, are caught in a harried and hurried lifestyle best described as 'routine panic.' They know something is wrong but are too busy and exhausted to do anything about it. These parents want practical, biblical answers they can digest on the run. Dr. James Dobson will point mothers and fathers to the principles they desperately need in '7 Solutions for Burned- Out Parents: 'renew the Sabbath, just say 'No' to overcommitment, let go of the desire to acquire, seek balance for your life and family, turn off distractions and tune in to your loved ones, lift up one another, and find peace through prayer. 'Help! I'm on a runaway train and I want to get off!' Does parenting leave you feeling exhausted and discouraged? Does it seem you spend every minute answering endless questions, playing chauffeur, and meeting someone else's needs? Are you hurtling through your days like a runaway freight car? It's time to get off the train before it crashes. Let Dr. James Dobson, America 's most trusted authority on the family, show you that it 'is' possible to slow the pace of life enough to enjoy your children and your day. It starts with saying no to 'routine panic'--and yes to a more fulfilling life of peace and rest. Story Behind the Book For more than thirty years, Dr. James Dobson has worked to support and preserve the biblical institutions of marriage and family. Now, drawing from the Judeo-Christian ethics and time-tested principles readers have learned to count on, America's foremost family advocate introduces his new HOMECOUNTS(TM) series for husbands, wives, and parents. This new series will featurepractical wisdom for families, delivering compelling, accessible, Scripture-based messages that will speak to the hearts of previous Dr. Dobson readers and a new generation of families.

Book Details

Author Dr. James Dobson (Author of the bestseller DARE TO DISCIPLINE)
Publication Year 2004
Publisher Multnomah Books
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781590523858
Number of Pages 128
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