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8 Choices That Will Change A Woman's Life

8 Choices That Will Change A Woman's Life

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Each day presents women with an unending parade of choices. Some are fairly mundane, while others can prove to be life changing. In this new edition of Briscoe's popular book, she addresses the crucial issues that women face on a daily basis.Using the book of James as a model, Briscoe examines the following choices that most women face: To resist pain or to use it To gather wealth or to gather grace To speak wisely or to speak foolishly To value our time or to fritter it away To live for ourselves or to live for the Spirit To develop God's gifts or to waste them To persevere or to protest To stand for truth or to abandon it

Book Details

Author Jill Brisco
Publication Year 2003
Publisher Howard Books
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781582293516
Number of Pages 224
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