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A Call To Greatness

A Call To Greatness

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In this remarkable age of technical know-how, it is frighteningly obvious that we do not have a well-defined technology for being human beings. We have not been taught to understand ourselves & each other; so, whole generations of humans live & die without achieving even a minimal level of potential fufillment. There are now many who have experienced a moment of truth which can be described as a 'Calling.' They have been irresistibly drawn into deeper, richer, fuller experience of the greatness which we all are. This book acknowledges & discusses that mysterious 'Calling'--which will lead us to a fuller expression of our unique & amazing selves in this amazing world. A CALL TO GREATNESS is a substantive source work which provides clarity where, before, there has been confusion. Sensitively conceived to match the need for understanding in this period of humankind's evolutionary process, it is a clear, fascinating, piece-by piece, working of the puzzle of self-discovery & self-expression. A CALL TO GREATNESS is an intelligent, timely & inspiring book which evokes an expansion of awareness & promotes remarkable movement into the higher levels of consciousness. Additional books may be obtained from Dhyana Press, P.O. Box 470700, San Francisco, CA 94147.

Book Details

Author IsanaMada
Publication Year 1994
Publisher Dhyana Press
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780963521811
Number of Pages 412
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