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A Fresh Rabbit: Dick 'n' Harry Of Rhyming Slang

A Fresh Rabbit: Dick 'n' Harry Of Rhyming Slang

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Who started Cockney rhyming slang and why we'll never know, but whoever it was couldn't possibly have known the verbal monster created would be still growing centuries later. In the best-selling Cockney Rabbit, Ray Puxley compiled the definitive Dick 'n' 'Arry of cockney rhyming slang. With his inmitable blend of humor and facts, he serves up Fresh Rabbit, a kotchel of contemporary rhyming slang straight from the streets. Gathering the funniest and most widely-used phrases of this new generation of expressions, Fresh Rabbit is unlike any dictionary you've ever read. Try it and bunny like a native.

Book Details

Author Ray Puxley
Publication Year 1998
Publisher Robson Books Ltd
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781861052216
Number of Pages 134
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