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A Friend in Deed

A Friend in Deed

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ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL! What luck! Young D'Artagnon had only been in Paris a few hours, and already he had been in three scrapes. Now it was time to fight his first duel. He was surprised to see all three of his opponents show up together. 'They call us the Three Inseparables,' said one, with a bow. 'Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.' D'Artagnon knew well who they were. They were the king's Musketeers - the bravest swordsmen and the sharpest wits in all of France. He wanted nothing more than to be one of them, to fight at their side for the king and against injustice. But first he had to defeat all three in a fair fight with swords, one at a time! 'En garde!' he said, drawing his sword... - back cover

Book Details

Author Fr. Robert W. Hunt
Publication Year 1985
Publisher Messenger Press
Format Paperback
ISBN 1559029838
Number of Pages 69
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