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A Man Called Daddy

A Man Called Daddy

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In 36 stories, Hugh O'Neill blends the daily joy of Robert Fulgham with thehumor of Dave Berry to create a 'laugh-out-loud funny' (according to Childmagazine) look at fatherhood. Hugh O'Neill recounts such moments as discovering a turtle in his glovecompartment, finding fruit in his shoes, encountering something gooey in hisVCR, making a Halloween costume from a spaghetti strainer and the small rug fromthe hall, and handling the spiraling cost of a family vacation when histen-year-old son learns that he, too, can charge things to the room. This celebration of fatherhood offers new fathers a humorous and empatheticguide to rearing children and gives veteran dads a way of reminiscing abouttheir own paternal adventures. Moms, dads, and grandparents will fondly identifywith the dozens of stories delightfully told with a familiar ring.

Book Details

Author Hugh O'Neill
Publication Year 2002
Publisher Rutledge Hill Press
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781558539976
Number of Pages 224
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