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Armey's Axioms: 40 Hard-Earned Truths From Politics, Faith, And Life

Armey's Axioms: 40 Hard-Earned Truths From Politics, Faith, And Life

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Acclaim for Armey's Axiom 'As I read Armey’s Axioms, my mind immediately went to the man from Springfield, Abraham Lincoln, who cloaked brilliant wisdom with grace and good humor that had its roots in the heartland of America. Without question, Dick Armey is one of the most brilliant and principled men ever to serve in the leadership of the United States House of Representatives. His axioms are a delightful read for anyone seeking to understand the faith, the patriotism, and the integrity that has made America great.'Dr. M. G. 'Pat' Robertso 'In Armey’s Axioms, Dick Armey gives us more than his great sense of humor and Texas-size common sense. With a creative and personal touch, it is the best advice I’ve seen for those who want to make it in Washington, and even better for those who want to make it in life.'Bob Dol 'We Americans like to cut to the chase when it comes to difficult issues. In Armey’s Axioms, Dick Armey does just that. By skillfully breaking down complex social and moral issues, he presents us with such simple and direct answers that it’s hard not to agree with his logic. Wrapped in wry wit and humor, the book is wise, insightful, and above all, compelling.'Marlin MaddouxBR>P>'In just ten years, Dick Armey moved from C-SPAN viewer to Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives. In Armey’s Axioms he presents some of the lessons he has learned from his years in the House and from country music. . . . It’s a good read, packed with good advice.'Michael BaroneBR&gt coauthor, The Almanac of American Politic

Book Details

Author Dick Armey
Publication Year 2003
Publisher Wiley
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780471469131
Number of Pages 272
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