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Art Of Deception (Language Of Love, No 27)

Art Of Deception (Language Of Love, No 27)

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Adam Haines was an artist visiting the Fairchild mansion to do some undercover digging, and that was a problem for a man who preferred to be straightforward. An even bigger problem was Kirby Fairchild, daughter of the world-famous painter he'd been sent to investigate. She was part child, part elf, and the most fascinating woman he'd ever encountered. However, Kirby had a disconcertingly fluid sense of right and wrong -- one completely at odds with Adam's own code of ethics. Adam wished he wasn't wrapped quite so tightly around her little finger . . .

Book Details

Author Roberts
Publication Year 1993
Publisher Silhouette
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780373510276
Number of Pages 221
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