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Ask Hayley, Vol. 2: Real Answers For Today's Teen

Ask Hayley, Vol. 2: Real Answers For Today's Teen

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Hungry Planet and Hayley DiMarco took the teen scene by storm with the release of Dateable, an instant hit and enduring bestseller for teens. Hayley has established herself as a teen expert and 'big sister' mentor who teen girls admire and trust for advice about everything from boys to breakups and fashion to friendship.With the launch of the website askhayley.com, Hungry Planet has created an online destination for teens seeking Hayley's advice as a trusted counselor who 'gets' them. Hayley understands the day-to-day struggles of teens and the culture they live in. At the site, teens write to Hayley about the things they're wrestling with and wondering about--knowing that in response they'll get straightforward, honest, and biblical answers to their questions. Ask Hayley, volume 2 brings more of those questions and answers to the printed page in a magazine-style book that will feed Hayley's current fans and draw new ones alike.

Book Details

Author Hayley DiMarco
Publication Year 2008
Publisher Revell
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780800732363
Number of Pages 144
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