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At End Of Day (Higgins, George V.)

At End Of Day (Higgins, George V.)

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Every state police officer in Boston knows that Arthur McKeach and Nick Cistaro are the most prolific and ruthless practitioners of extortion, fraud, theft, bribery, assault, and murder in the area. What none of them know is how to stop these Michelangelos of crime, who for thirty years have eluded jail-and even arrest. Their secret is at the heart of George Higgins's most searing and shocking dissection of the criminal life yet. At End of Day lays bare not only the inner workings of a criminal empire, but also reveals the corruption at the heart of American law enforcement. Few writers have mapped the intricate highways and byways of crime with equal vividness and elegance, and with At End of Day, Higgins has created a cast of characters to match his unique gifts. McKeach and Cistaro stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of Eddie Coyle's friends, and their story solidifies George Higgins's place in the forefront of novelists who write about crime in America.

Book Details

Author George V. Higgins
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Harcourt
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780151003587
Number of Pages 392
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