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At Long Last Love

At Long Last Love

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They're America's premier matchmakers. Their clients pay up to $25,000 for their expertise. J. Wingo International has helped thousands of people get together and stay together. Now, the brilliantly successful husband-and-wife team, John and Julie Wingo, have written the book that lets men and women everywhere take advantage of their uniquely personal approach and years of professional experience -- and embark on an exhilarating journey… Busy, successful, attractive, affluent, and accomplished -- neither naive nor inexperienced -- many of the Wingos' clients had no problem meeting candidates of the opposite sex. Yet they were stymied in their attempts to form new and lasting relationships. If the search for love has left you frazzled, fearful, and frustrated, the Wingos are here to tell you: It's not so bad out there. Warm and witty, clear and realistic, the Wingos present their revolutionary 51-80 Program, a provocative guide to self-discovery -- and a reliable guide to assessing a prospective mate. They show you how to: - Assess yourself accurately and break down your inner barriers. - Discover what you want -- and what you really need -- in a mate. - Balance reasonable self-protection and emotional accessibility. - Evaluate modern ways of meeting -- personal ads, video dating, and matchmakers. - Recognize and change unproductive patterns of dating and relating. - Pinpoint the twenty common attitudes most likely to get in your way. - Turn game playing into honesty, mutual respect, and real communication. - Form a partnership that will last for the rest of your life. Filled with entertaining episodes, illuminating case histories, important insights, and questionnaires that allow you to make careful, personal assessments, 'At Long Last Love' is the book for busy, successful people who long for warmth, dedication, and loyalty in a lifetime partner…who want to share common interests, lifestyles, values, and goals with a loving mate. From handling and evaluating the first meeting, through coping with issues of commitment, to ending and moving on from a relationship that just won't work, the Wingos have written the book that can bring new love into your life in the '90s and make every day a day to discover what it means to live happily ever after.

Book Details

Author John Wingo; Julie Wingo
Publication Year 1994
Publisher Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780446517294
Number of Pages 131
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