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Back In The Saddle

Back In The Saddle

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Who knew relationships could be so tough?Stevie Lake, ace reporter! She's joined the Fenton Hall school paper, and she's ready to go undercover and break big stories. But her editor has other ideas. Stevie's first assignment is to cover the junior course on marriage. It's not Stevie's idea of a hard-hitting investigative piece, but it beats writing about lunch menus. Still, she needs an angle, and she has the perfect one. She'll profile three 'marriages': her own, Callie Forester's, and Veronica diAngelo's. But Veronica doesn't want to be profiled -- she doesn't even want to be in the class. And Stevie's own 'marriage' is headed for divorce court faster than you can say 'cavalletti'. At least Callie and her 'husband' are having a blast planning for the future. In fact, as far as someone is concerned, they're having too much fun.

Book Details

Author Bonnie Bryant
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Bantam Books
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780553493023
Number of Pages 248
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