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Behindlings: A Novel

Behindlings: A Novel

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Spurting with kinetic energy, nasty wit, and kindness to animals, Wesley ought to be a star. Or so it seems to the 'Behindlings' -- followers who nip at his heels, turn up everywhere he goes, and lie in wait for him around every corner. They skulk through the dreary streets of their tiny English town, gathering their own scabby intentions, irritating habits, and weird manners, burying all differences in the common pursuit of their true prize, their Wesley. In Behindlings, the inimitable and ungovernable Nicola Barker takes her most compelling character to date, gives him his head and her novel, and sees him run off with her readers.

Book Details

Author Nicola Barker
Publication Year 2003
Publisher Harper Perennial
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780060933623
Number of Pages 544
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