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Being The Presence Of Christ

Being The Presence Of Christ

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'What does it mean to be a Christian? What difference does it make? Do you merely believe Jesus' teachings or embody them? Christian discipleship means practicing the presence of Christ in your daily life. You react to things in a measured Christian manner. (Recall the WWJD fad of a few years ago.) It means you change from the inside out. Such a deep, whole spiritual change within you changes the world around you. Discover a progressive approach to scripture study and prayer that leads to this personal and corporate spiritual transformation. Learn how to embody Jesus' example of community, justice and sacrifice. ''Even in a world like ours, the Christian gospel is still powerful, changing more lives than we can know,'' writes Vestal. ''It still offers a profound intellectual and philosophical framework for life, a compelling worldview and a coherent ethic for moral decision making. But even beyond all this is a profound experience for both personal and communal.'' Each chapter stands alone or leads to the next through these entry points: * the basics receiving and nurturing the presence of Christ * prayer as practicing the presence * personal transformation * Christian community * human suffering * Christlikeness in service * Christian social ethics It's an incredibly wonderful message: Christ lives in us. The challenge is that our prejudices and patterns of living need to be altered. ''Not suddenly and surely not without great upheaval,'' Vestal says, ''but by the presence and power of Jesus Christ working in and through us'' we can and will become a change-agent. Choose to embody the way of Christ and effect change in this needy world. Paperback'

Book Details

Author Daniel Vestal
Publication Year 2008
Publisher Upper Room Books
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780835899659
Number of Pages 133
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