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Cases And Experiential Exercises In Human Resource Management, Second Edition

Cases And Experiential Exercises In Human Resource Management, Second Edition

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A combination of narrative, cases, and experiential exercises, this book focuses on problems, issues, policies, and practices related to managing people in working organizations. It is designed to help potential managers develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to solve human problems and to make appropriate organizational decisions. Approaches content from the perspective that human problems in organizations confront ALL managers, not only in human resource departments. Explores significant issues that are vital to the employee-employer relationships — e.g., equal employment opportunity and managing diversity, employee representation, managing employment, work performance and compensation. Each case is a written account of a situation that has actually confronted individuals. Includes not only the facts of the situation, but also the feelings, opinions, and prejudices of the individuals involved in the situation — that influenced their actions. Features cases and exercises that take place not only in business enterprises, but also in governmental agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals — and in various environments: plants, offices, manufacturing, retailing, services, etc.

Book Details

Author Raymond L. Hilgert; Cyril C. Ling
Publication Year 1995
Publisher Prentice Hall
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780133732672
Number of Pages 298
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