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Celestially Auspicious Occasions

Celestially Auspicious Occasions

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From ancient times to the present there have been special days that mark the passage of time, announce the arrival or retreat of the sun, moon and stars, and signify holy days and holidays alike. Celestially Auspicious Occasions presents a fascinating cross-cultural exploration of the rites and rituals inspired by heavenly events. More than just a history, Celestially Auspicious Occasions examines everything from the early origins of Halloween to the appearance of the blue moon to the connection between ancient Egyptian beliefs and contemporary Easter eggs. In addition, it reveals the traditions and practices that unity humanity to the cosmic center of the universe. Celestially Auspicious Occasions is a unique celebration of the varied and wonderful ways people have interpreted cycles of the seasons across the planet and across time, and suggests how these practices can inspire us to honor and safeguard our place in the cosmos.

Book Details

Author Donna Henes
Publication Year 1996
Publisher Perigee Trade
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780399522109
Number of Pages 236
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