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Chasing Cezanne: A Novel 2 Cassettes

Chasing Cezanne: A Novel 2 Cassettes

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2 cassettes / 3 hoursRead by Ken HowardHanky-panky on the international art scene is the source of the hilarity and fizz in Peter Mayles new novel. He flies us back to the south of France (a region some readers of his irresistible best-sellers believe him to have invented), on a wild chase through galleries, homes of prominent collectors, and wickedly delectable restaurants. There are stopovers in the Bahamas and England, and in New York, where that glossiest of magazines, Decorating Quarterly, reflects the cutting-edge trendiness of its editor, Camilla Jameson Porter. (Camilla has recently broken new ground in the world of power lunches by booking two tables on the same day, and shuttling between them, at the citys trendiest restaurant.)It is Camilla who has sent our hero, Andre Kelly, to Cap Ferrat to take glamorous photo-graphs of the houses and treasures of the rich, famous, and fatuous. He happens to have his camera at the ready when he spots a Cézanne being loaded onto a plumbers truck near the home of an absent collector. Odd, thinks Andre. And in no time hes on the trail of a state-of-the-art art scam, chasing Cézanne.Its a joy to follow him and the crowds intent on speeding or foiling his quest--including a beautiful agent; a super-savvy art dealer attracted to the finer things in life, especially if they promise the payoff of a lifetime; an awesome Dutch forger; some outstandingly greedy New York sophisticates; and, invisible in the background, the parade of remarkable chefs whose mouthwatering culinary masterpieces periodically soothe the hero and tantalize the reader of Chasing Cézanne.

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Author Peter Mayle; Ken W.F. Howard
Publication Year 1997
Format Audio Cassette
ISBN 9780679459514
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