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Civil War Ghosts And Legends

Civil War Ghosts And Legends

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The countless horrible deaths and bloody strife of the Civil War have always haunted America--as these eerie stories reveal, and sometimes literally. The turbulence of that era has left us with extraordinary tales that serve as a reminder of the heroism displayed and the torture endured by the soldiers of both sides. A man from Harper's Ferry, bearing a striking resemblance to John Brown, is often asked to pose for photographs; but his image never appears when they are developed. The ghost of a murdered captain appears before his colonel and reveals who did the killing. A reenactment of J. E. B. Stuart's famous ride becomes a frightening reality as one man witnesses his great grandfather's fall in battle a hundred years prior. These, and other legends, uniquely blend suspense, mystery, and history.

Book Details

Author Nancy L. Roberts
Publication Year 1996
Publisher Editorial Andres Bello
Format 4 kwd
ISBN 9781586635664
Number of Pages 192
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