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Columbus And The Age Of Discovery 2 Cassettes

Columbus And The Age Of Discovery 2 Cassettes

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This historical biography looks at Columbus and the times in which he lived. 1992 is the 500th anniversary of Columbuss discovery of America and this book is the accompanying volume for a seven-part BBC TV series of the same name. The book shows how Columbus came to symbolize both the spirit of heroism and the costs of colonization and follows his progress from journeyman mariner to discoverer of America. The book covers all of his voyages and their effects on the world of his time and the years that followed, together with the scientific and technological developments they foretold. Setting sail on replicas of Columbuss ships, the author combines actual experience with archive material to create a living history of explorations.

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Author Zvi Dor-Ner
Publication Year
Format Audio Cassette
ISBN 9781555254353
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