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Dave Barry Talks Back
Dave Barry Talks Back

Dave Barry Talks Back

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When Dave Barry writes funny, you write back. And when you write funny, Dave Barry talks back! Besides being a best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Dave Barry gets more reaction from readers like you than any other columnist in the United States. Whether he?s soliciting your suggestions for cutting the federal deficit (?rent the Stealth bomber out for proms?), heading up the reader-inspired Exploding Animal Institute, or conducting the Official National Insect Bug-off, Dave Barry talks back! And now the absolute best of Dave Barry is available in paperback, complete with those items sent in by people like you-Dave?s legion of Alert Readers all across the country who have escaped their ward attendants long enough to warn Dave of the dangers of exploding cows, toilets. snails, whales, human stomachs, and politicians . Dave Barry is not just the funniest write in America. he?s the most interactive. Complete with a new introduction, notes on the columns that his readers have liked best, and illustrated by famed cartoonist Jeff MacNelly of ?Shoe? fame, Dave Barry Talks Back is a very funny, quintessentially Barry book that talks back to everybody, including your mom.

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