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Day Of Wrath

Day Of Wrath

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A plane carrying an American arms inspection team mysteriously crashes in Russia. Not long afterward, a senior American diplomat is daringly assassinated. A bold gambit to destroy America as a world power is well under way. Its architect is Prince Ibrahim al Saud, a member of the Middle East's most influential royal family and the brilliant head of a multi-billion-dollar global conglomerate. With his vast, unparalleled wealth, he bankrolls and directs the most lethal terrorist groups on earth to launch the most murderous attack ever conceived. His henchman is Rolf Ulrich Reichardt, once a feared agent of the East German Stasi, now a paid assassin, secure in the conviction that raw, cold power is the force closest to divinity itself.

Book Details

Author Larry Bond
Publication Year 1998
Publisher Warner Books
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780446516778
Number of Pages 496
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