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Dead Man's Fingers (Wwl Mystery)

Dead Man's Fingers (Wwl Mystery)

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Maryland real estate agent Eve Elliot has left Manhattan for a more peaceful life along the shores of the Chesapeake, land of blue crabs, stunning vistas -- and danger, Eve discovers, as greed, corruption and murder rock the calm waters of Anne Arundel County.Both Eve and her aunt/business partner, Lillian, find themselves scapegoats in a heated controversy over zoning. Soon, sinister threats and the murder of an attractive, ambitious environmentalist warn Eve she's digging too close to something somebody wants to keep buried. Now the murky issues are becoming frightfully clear: her life...versus a killer's deadly intent.

Book Details

Author Lee
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Worldwide Library
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780373263691
Number of Pages 256
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