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Deadly Beloved

Deadly Beloved

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When Patsy MacLaren Willis decides to make a new life for herself, she leaves the old one behind with abang--she shoots her husband in his sleep and pipe-bombs her car in a downtown parking garage. Former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian, dying to escape the white and gold wedding bows beginning to cover his Armenian-American neighborhood, jumps at the chance to flee the madness of the impending nuptials to investigate the mysterious Patsy Willis. All is not well in the 'gated community' of Fox Run Hill, where the wives are supposed to shop and play tennis, not murder their husbands. As the police swarm in on the community, it seems every Fox Run wife has a motive for killing her husband, except Patsy Willis! And then a second explosion rocks Fox Hill and Gregor must unmask the killer before someone else dies, even as his own neighborhood wedding crisis reaches a murderous pitch--Perhaps marriage itself is motive enough for murder!

Book Details

Author Jane Haddam
Publication Year 1997
Publisher Bantam
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780553099461
Number of Pages 281
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