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Deadly Harvest
Deadly Harvest

Deadly Harvest

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In desperation Joanna turns to a legal, for-profit company that has a remarkable record of locating excellent organ donors from around the world - at a price. To raise the money Joanna drains her savings, mortgages her condo, and even accepts a generous loan from her ex-lover, homicide detective Jake Sinclair. But while focusing on her own impending tragedy, Joanna doesn't realize that she's walking right into another kind of nightmare. It doesn't occur to her that the company selling organs is too good, too successful at always coming up with the perfect transplant just in the nick of time. Only after Joanna is in deep, too deep, with her sister's life hanging by a thread, does it dawn on her that something horrific is going on - and that purchasing an organ will make her an accomplice. For now that she knows the donor 'source,' Joanna realizes that her life, too, is on the line.

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