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Deceptions: Book Two Of The Blending Enthroned (Blending Enthroned, Bk 2)

Deceptions: Book Two Of The Blending Enthroned (Blending Enthroned, Bk 2)

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In the empire of Gandistra, a mystical union of elementalmagics reigns...Lorand, Rion, Tamrissa, Vallant, Jovvi and Naran have combined their elemental powers and their deep compassion to bring a new era of enlightenment to their once enslaved land. The miraculous reforms decreed by the Ruling Sixfold Blending have enabled all to freely pursue the Lmits of their magic. But freedom is a hated thing to some, giving rise to jealousy, deceitfulness and unchecked ambition.As traitors scheme at home, the Chosen Six are called beyond Gandistra's borders to deal with a dire threat to their empire and their world. For, as the leaders of neighboring Gracely bicker and brood and play politics, an inconceivable army is massing -- an invading wave of impossible terror, dedicated to the total devastation of everything in its path. And it may already be too late to stop a foe immune to every known magic -- including the awesome blended might of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Sight, and Spirit.

Book Details

Author Sharon Green
Publication Year 2001
Publisher Eos
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780380812943
Number of Pages 384
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