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Destiny (Arabesque)

Destiny (Arabesque)

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A Lonely HeartThe victim of a shocking act of violence, Josephine Brennon turned her farmhouse into a peaceful refuge, and herself into a recluse. So when the ruggedly handsome drifter, Hannibal Ray, moved in to help with some badly-needed repairs, Josephine suddenly found herself risking her solitude -- and the wrath of a scandalized town -- for a stranger who opened her heart to love.A Scandalous LoveA loner by nature, Hannibal was determined to leave town as soon as he finished his work for Josephine. And yet, he couldn't tear himself away from this independent, intensely passionate woman who made him want to put down roots. Now, as the town's most influential citizens close ranks against them, Hannibal and Josephine must learn to trust each other completely... if they are to claim the love that is their destiny.

Book Details

Author Shelby Lewis
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Kimani Press
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781583141007
Number of Pages 256
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