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Devil's Island A Novel

Devil's Island A Novel

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The apostle John pushed aside the incense. 'I will not make your sacrifice,' he announced to the Roman tribune. 'There is one God, and his name is not Domitian.' Standing next to john at the stone altar of the emporere's temple were other believeres, including Asia's most wealthy citizen, Abraham of Ephesus, and his family. Will Abraham follow John's example? If he refuses to make the sacrifice, the shipping magnate's vast fortune will be confiscated by Rome, and he will either be executed or exiled to Patmos-Devil's Island. This exciting historical novel follows Abraham and his family as they make their choice to worship Ceasar or follow Christ, and it brings to life the days when Christians faced the lions in Rome's Coliseum-and when the exiled apostle recieved the great visions of Revelation.Previously published in hardcover 90785267875).

Book Details

Author Dr. John Hagee
Publication Year 2001
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780785267874
Number of Pages 352
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