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Different Women Dancing

Different Women Dancing

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Different Women Dancing is the hit debut of the Dr. Clare Burtonall series -- a surprising and exotic new offering from one of Penguin's bestselling mystery authors, Jonathan Gash.Different Women Dancing stars Dr. Clare Burtonall, a beautiful and bright British medical doctor. Heading home from the hospital one day, Clare comes upon a fatal traffic accident and uneasily remembers the victim as a business contact of her husband. But when he won't answer any of her questions, Clare suspects her spouse may not be the man she married. To uncover the truth, Clare needs access to the city's underworld and asks Bonn, a sexy, street smart Romeo-for-hire for help, opening a Pandora's box of corruption and crime. Then Clare makes what may be the most surprising discovery of them all: a startling need for more than information from her suave, attractive partner, who introduces Clare to the dark side of the city and a darker, more powerful side of herself.

Book Details

Author Jonathan Gash
Publication Year 1998
Publisher Penguin (Non-Classics)
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780140264111
Number of Pages 304
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