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Differential Equations With Graphical And Numerical Methods

Differential Equations With Graphical And Numerical Methods

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This book presents analytical, graphical and numerical methods in a unified way—as methods of solution and as means of illuminating concepts. Numerical methods are introduced in the first chapter, interpreted in the light of graphics, and provide the core theme around which the first seven chapters revolve. These chapter titles are: The First Order Equation y = f(x,y); First Order Systems Introduction; Higher Order Linear Equations; First Order Systems—Linear Methods; Series Methods and Famous Functions; and Bifurcations and Chaos. The other three chapters cover the laplace transform; partial differential equations and fourier series; and the finite differences method. A unique combination of the traditional topics of differential equations and computer graphics, for anyone interested in taking advantage of this learning package.

Book Details

Author Bernard W. Banks
Publication Year 2001
Publisher Prentice Hall
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780130843760
Number of Pages 462
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