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Digital Detectives #1: Case Of The Killer Bugs

Digital Detectives #1: Case Of The Killer Bugs

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Digital Detectives Mysteries combine books and the Internet, allowing kids to use the latest technology to investigate crime scenes, interrogate witnesses, and make notes in a journal. With the help of our free online Crime Lab, you'll be on your way to solving the crime in no time! The Case of the Killer Bugs: Someone is selling pirated copies of the smash hit game 'Insect Invaders'-complete with a vicious virus that eats kids' computers alive! Now the Digital Detectives must determine who created the deadly disks. To help solve the crime, readers will make interactive online searches of an abandoned warehouse, the North End docks, a high-tech career fair, and much more.

Book Details

Author Jay R. Montavon
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Running Press Book Publishers
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780762409051
Number of Pages 144
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