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The time: 1932, just before the repeal of Prohibition and just shy of Wild Bill's 14th birthday. The place: Vermont, near the Canadian border. Bill's dad, desperate to preserve his cattle herd through a bitter winter, resorts to smuggling whiskey--a traditional family occupation. He takes his son on a voyage that will remain etched in the reader's mind: a journey into the demonic and spellbinding past. What they find is the genuine stuff of legends. 'This bounding, inchoate, exuberant book is everything a first novel should be. Mosher revels in an abundance of material, yet is exactly accurate about a thousand details of farming, timbering and whiskey-running life on the Vermont-Canadian border.' --Edward Hoagland

Book Details

Author Howard Frank Mosher
Publication Year
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780771065415
Number of Pages 255
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