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Divorce: An Oral Portrait

Divorce: An Oral Portrait

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Divorce is not a sociological or psychological study of the causes of divorce, but a compelling account of those directly involved. Feifer interviewed a whole range of people whose lives have been altered by divorce - dozens of former husbands and wives as well as divorce lawyers and therapists, children of divorce, and divorce court judges. Their collected stories, in their own words and colored by their own memories, offer a startling and unprecedented view of divorce from those on the inside: a man who finds himself separated from his kids by a technicality in his settlement, a woman who overcomes a deadbeat husband and months of poverty to raise six kids and become a CEO, a man unhappy in his marriage who finds his soulmate shortly after his twenty-fifth anniversary, and a couple who describe their divorce from two very different perspectives.Divorce is absolutely compelling reading for anyone even peripherally touched by a phenomenon that has changed the very meaning of family and marriage.

Book Details

Author George Feifer
Publication Year 1995
Publisher New Pr
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781565842724
Number of Pages 322
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