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Do The Funky Pickle (School Daze)

Do The Funky Pickle (School Daze)

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Eddie Mott has a problem. He is completely and hopelessly in love with his friend Sunny...and he's way too wimpy to tell her. But the school dance is approaching quickly and Eddie knows it's time to act. He has to find a way to make Sunny notice him...but how? Eddie and Pickles come up with a plan that's sure to attract attention. But the girl who falls for Eddie at the dance isn't Sunny--it's Angelpuss, the girlfriend of the toughest, meanest eighth grader around. Eddie is in big, big trouble--unless he and Pickles can come up with some new moves...fast.

Book Details

Author Jerry Spinelli (The Newbery Award-winning author of Maniac Magee)
Publication Year 1992
Publisher Scholastic Paperbacks
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780590454483
Number of Pages 144
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