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Doomsday Directive (Stonyman, 51)

Doomsday Directive (Stonyman, 51)

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Grant Betancourt wants to create his own technological utopia. He devises a plan whereby he organizes three combat groups of religious fanatics who will attack the centers of their rivals...a perfect way of insuring the destruction of all three. Can Stony Man 'RM' stop Betancourt in time? At stake is only the future of the world.Book #2 of the The Armageddon Project, a two-book series in which the Stony Man 'RM' team must fight against one man's quest to destroy organized religion and make technology the new God.

Book Details

Author Don Pendleton
Publication Year 2001
Publisher Gold Eagle
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780373619351
Number of Pages 352
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