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Doomsday World

Doomsday World

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The planet Kirlos -- an artificial world built by a mysterious long-dead race called the Ariantu. Kirlos is now home to many races from both the Federation and the K'vin Hegemony, who have enjoyed years of peaceful co-existence and profitable trade. The planet also hold a wealth of undiscovered archaeological treasures, which the Enterprise and its crew are dispatched to help uncover. Sent to the surface to assist an archaeological team, Geordi, Data, and Worf soon find themselves cut off from the Enterprise -- and the prime suspects in a series of terrorist attacks. The three Enterprise crewmen are imprisoned, relations between the K'vin and the Federation begin to crumble, and Kirlos' ancient underground machinery awakens from a centuries long dormancy, primed to release the most powerful destructive force ever known. This is a very special Star Trek: The Next Generation story -- the product of a first-ever collaboration between four of Star Trek's most popular and respected writers.

Book Details

Author Peter David; Michael Jan Friedman; Carmen Carter; Robert Greenberger
Publication Year 1990
Publisher Pocket Books
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780671702373
Number of Pages 276
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