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Double Deal: The Inside Story Of Murder, Unbridled Corruption, And The Cop Who Was A Mobster

Double Deal: The Inside Story Of Murder, Unbridled Corruption, And The Cop Who Was A Mobster

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A provocative exposé of organized crime and its unholy alliance with world leaders, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement, Double Deal is a forty-year saga told with unflinching honesty by mob insider and former chief of police Michael Corbitt.Growing up poor and angry, Michael Corbitt fought his way up the ranks of greasers and street gangs until he attracted the attention of Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana, who placed him on the Willow Springs, Illinois, police force. By the time he was appointed chief of police, he'd also moved up the Outfit's ranks and was living the high life of a respected mobster.Corbitt's luck turned when he was indicted on charges of racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder. Although there was a mob contract on his life and he was facing a twenty-year sentence, he refused to testify against organized crime figures under the witness protection program, maintaining instead the mafioso's code of silence -- omertà -- until his release from prison.Now Corbitt breaks that silence, holding back nothing -- including the account of his personal involvement in the brutal murder of the wife of Chicago mob attorney Alan Masters. Making no excuses for his dual existence, Corbitt bares his soul, confessing in graphic -- sometimes horrific -- detail a life lived as both saint and sinner, a life that moved back and forth between the conflicting worlds of the police officer and the gangster with schizophrenic ease.Delving deep into the shadowy underworld, Corbitt divulges -- for the first time ever -- the explosive story of organized crime's 'mystery man,' the brilliant Chicago mobster who has been the real power behind the Outfit's throne for almost thirty years. Corbitt paints a frightening picture of a man he knew all too well, a man who would do anything to control the Outfit's international gambling and money-laundering empire worth billions.Corbitt's stunning revelations have been corroborated by FBI agents and court and government documents. From the murder of Chicago boss Sam Giancana to the myth of a 'clean' Las Vegas, he tells it like it was -- and still is. From Noriega to the Shah of Iran, Israel and its deadly Mossad, drug running, arms deals, money laundering, murder, and intrigue, it's all here in Double Deal, making this as much the story of one man's amazing double life as it is of the mob's terrifying reach into our world today.

Book Details

Author Sam Giancana
Publication Year 2003
Publisher William Morrow
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780060195854
Number of Pages 368
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