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Downsize This! Random Threats From An Unarmed American

Downsize This! Random Threats From An Unarmed American

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'Mike's suggestions for a Better America.' 'Use More Prison Labor: With more and more companies using cheap prison labor (when you call TWA for a reservation, you might be talking to an inmate), I've got an idea. Let's close down most of our factories and throw millions out of work. Many will turn to crime to feed their families and then having converted their old factory into a prison, we can toss them back in there to do their old jobs - at twenty cents an hour! Think of the savings!' 'Find a New Way to Pick the President: Now that the majority no longer vote, I say let's scrap the elections and hold a big monster truck race. The two presidential candidates would complete head-on in those huge three-story high trucks with names like Killer Bigfoot. Imagine the huge ratings - bigger than any election!'--BOOK JACKET.

Book Details

Author Michael Moore
Publication Year 1997
Publisher Harper Paperbacks
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780060977337
Number of Pages 336
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