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Firewalls And Internet Security

Firewalls And Internet Security

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'I wish that Cheswick and Bellovin had written this six years ago. I could have nailed down my system and avoided chasing a spy around the world.' - Cliff Stoll, author of 'The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage' As a user of the Internet, you are fortunate to be tied into the world's greatest communication and information exchange - but not without a price. As a result of this connection, your computer, your organization's network, and everywhere that network reaches are all vulnerable to potentially disastrous infiltration by hackers. Written by the AT&T Bell Labs researchers who tracked the infamous 'Berferd' hacker and also built the firewall gateway at Bell Labs, 'Firewalls and Internet Security' gives you invaluable advice and practical tools for protecting your organization's computers from the very real threat of a hacker attack through the Internet. You will learn how to plan and execute a security strategy that will thwart the most determined and sophisticated of hackers - while still allowing you easy access to Internet services. In particular, the authors show you a step-by-step plan for setting up a 'firewall' gateway - a dedicated computer equipped with safeguards that acts as a single, more easily defended, Internet connection. They even include a description of their most recent gateway, the tools they used to build it, and the hacker attacks they devised to test it. You will be fascinated by their first-hand account of one of the first documented hacker attacks, the 'Berferd' case, in which Internet hackers created havoc for computer networks worldwide. In addition, you will find vital information on cryptography, adescription of the tools used by hackers, and the legal implications of computer security. With this book in hand, you will be well equipped to provide your organization with effective protection from the wily Internet hacker. 0201633574B04062001

Book Details

Author William R. Cheswick; Steven M. Bellovin
Publication Year 1994
Publisher Addison-Wesley Professional
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780201633573
Number of Pages 320
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