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Forbidden Captor

Forbidden Captor

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He'd fallen into enemy hands. Now, battle-scarred bounty hunter Bryce Martin and his comrades were imprisoned in dungeonlike torture chambers on wind-whipped Devil's Fork Island. He was at the mercy of the barbaric militiamembers who'd been breaching homeland security, Yet Bryce somehow forged a human connection with a mysterious servant girl. in the dark shadows of the night, gentle-hearted Anastasiya Belov saw beyond his beastly appearance to the tender man inside. Spurred by their desperate situation, a forbidden attraction ignited. Bryce's beautiful keeper was the key to escaping, but she led a double life in a dangerous game of survival. Could Bryce outsmart his foes...without sacrificing his most precious ally?

Book Details

Author Dr. Julie Miller
Publication Year 2005
Publisher Harlequin
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780373228805
Number of Pages 256
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