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Free Fall

Free Fall

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A top-secret FBI file is missing. 'Prodigy' was buried in an anonymous government warehouse For three decades -- since J. Edgar Hoover's death -- until an unlucky grad student uncovers what he thinks is the research field of the century. Now he's dead and his ex-girlfriend is on the run, accused of murder. Tracking her down should be a simple case for Mark Beamon except for two things. One, the 'girl' is a tough-as-nails, world-class rock-climber who can drop out of sight anywhere in the world. Two, even if Beamon finds the girl and the file, who can he trust when the FBI itself is under suspicion?

Book Details

Author Kyle Mills
Publication Year 2000
Publisher HarperCollins
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780060193331
Number of Pages 400
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