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George Foremans Guide To Life 1 Audio Cassette

George Foremans Guide To Life 1 Audio Cassette

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George Foreman knows what its like to get knocked down -- in the ring and in life -- and he knows how to get back up again. Two-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world, he knows what it takes to succees. He has a wealth of life experience to share, and in George Foremans Guide to Life: How to Get Up Off the Canvas When Life Knocks You Down, he does just that. Heres what George has to say about: Taking advice: The real answers you are looking for are inside you. The hard part is being able to read them. Being afraid of change: Be afraid to stay where you are in life. Stepping out...is what makes you good, better, and even the best at what youre doing. Getting older: Old age is not something that happens to you; its a choice you make. you can look in the mirror and cry...Or you can look in that mirror and dream another dream. Learning from your mistakes: I try to let the past stay where it is and let today speakfor itself...Learn from your mistakes, but dont be chained to them. Determination: There are always others trying to get to the same goal you are, only they decide to stop halfway down the road. And when they walk away, they leave the road paved for you. Marriage: Let every day be like the first day you fell in love. Its about trying to put your best self forward, not just to others, but to the one youve pledged your life to. Children: I believe how you teach your kids lifes lessons is as important as what what you teach them. Youve got to love kids into another gear.

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Author George Foreman
Publication Year 2003
Format Audio Cassette
ISBN 9780743528191
Number of Pages
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