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Hard Choices (Sweet Valley High)

Hard Choices (Sweet Valley High)

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No life of her own ... Enid Rollins can hardly wait for her grandmother to come live with her and her mother.  But when she arrives, Enid is dismayed that the kind, sprightly woman she remembered is now burdensome and demanding. Because Enid's mother works long hours and is often out with her boyfriend, Enid finds herself making all sorts of sacrifices to please her grandmother.  She skips school events and even stands up her best friend, Elizabeth Wakefield.  Worst of all, she never has any time for her boyfriend, Hugh.  It's beginning to look as if Enid may have to say good-bye to someone she loves.

Book Details

Author Francine Pascal
Publication Year 1988
Publisher Sweet Valley
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780553270068
Number of Pages 153
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