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Greek officials confront the crew of a Boeing 737 in the Athens airport, demanding the custody of a beloved ex-U.S. President, John Harris. Believing Harris's life may be in danger, Capt. Craig Dayton, abruptly shoves away from the gate and stages a daring escape down a vacant runway. Once in the sky, Harris and Dayton must decide who is after Harris and what they want from him. They discover that Peru has signed an Interpol Warrant for Harris's arrest using the same treaty Spain employed to extradite Pinochet. Peru charges that Harris is personally responsible for a supposed CIA-led strike against a biological weapons factory during his term of office. But Harris's -- and the U.S. State Department's -- nightmare is this: there is no place to hide because almost every nation in the world has signed the treaty and any one of them must honor the warrant and give Peru what it wants: a Presidential pawn to humiliate on the international stage. Dayton flies Harris on an against-the-clock mission tofind a safe haven -- from Greece to Sicily to Ireland -- while Harris's rumpled and outgunned lawyer wrestles an international team of legal sharks snapping at their biggest prize yet.

Book Details

Author John J. Nance
Publication Year 2001
Publisher Putnam Adult
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780399147135
Number of Pages 400
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