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Heavy Weather

Heavy Weather

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Bruce Sterling, takes us on a wildly inventive ride into the future with a strange group of brilliant outlaws - part research team, part hacker cult. They call themselves the Storm Troupe and they hack heavy weather. They chase the monster storms that twist erratically across the Southwestern badlands laid to waste by the greenhouse effect. Heavy Weather vividly depicts a world wasted by ecological disaster, fueled by a black market in everything from semilegal narcotics and privatized currency to human organs, and populated by a cast of characters living on the edge of civilization - scientists, survivalists, ecoterrorists, computer hackers, artists, demolition experts, and what's left of the law: a freewheeling band of paramilitary Texas Rangers.

Book Details

Author Bruce Sterling
Publication Year 1994
Publisher Bantam USA
Format 4 kwd
ISBN 9780553093933
Number of Pages 310
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