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Help Lord, I'm Sinking

Help Lord, I'm Sinking

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'LORD, SAVE ME!' Like the apostle Peter, we often start to drown when life storms around us, causing our faith and trust in God to waver. A job lost. A friendship damaged. A family member ill. These things take our focus off God and turn our attention to circumstances that rage out of control. But like Peter, we can call out to God for help, asking Him to give us wisdom, trust, and peace. In Help Lord, I'm Sinking Carole Mayhall examines some of the lessons she learned in the midst of her sister's diagnosis, illness, and death from lymphatic leukemia. Compiled from three of Carole's previous books (Lord, Teach Me Wisdom; Lord of My Rocking Boat; and Filled to Overflowing), Help Lord, I'm Sinking teaches how to seek and apply God's wisdom in your life, the importance of being thankful in every situation, what it means to trust God, and much more. If you want to be a godly woman who is 'clothed with strength and dignity,' this book chronicles the path of seeking and finding God and His joy in every circumstance of life.

Book Details

Author Carole Mayhall
Publication Year 1998
Publisher Navpress
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781576830758
Number of Pages 207
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